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Worship…An Act of Surrender

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Worship…An Act of Surrender


…Lord, lift me up, so I can see

a glimpse of truth and holiness

You have for me.


I’m yearning to know you more,

I bow to worship and adore.


Those are words to a yet untitled worship song I’ve been working on for months (and months…and months…).  The words to the chorus are:


Come fill my heart, come fill my soul;

Come make me completely new again.

I give my heart, I yield control;

Come have Your way in me, O Lord.


How many times have you found yourself IN worship but not TRULY worshipping?  I know I have many times.  I realize that it wasn’t that I didn’t pray and ask God to humble me as a worship leader.  It wasn’t that I didn’t meet with the band, choir, praise team, etc., and ask God to move in a mighty way.  It wasn’t that I didn’t prepare myself to lead.  It was simply that I didn’t surrender.  Surrender is one of those unpopular words we tend to skim over and move on to the next subject.  Rick Warren says the word is “disliked almost as much as the word submission.  It evokes the unpleasant images of admitting defeat in battle, forfeiting a game or yielding to an opponent.  The word is almost always used in a negative context.”


There are many debates going on about worship.  I hear them daily.  The saddest thing to me is that almost all these debates about worship are just indirect ways of talking about ourselves, not God, evolving into little more than preference lists for how we like our worship served up each week.  It’s worship as consumption rather than sacrifice. 

True worship involves surrendering our will to God’s will.  When worship is our response to the One who alone is worthy OF worship, our lives are on their way to being made completely new again.  Our self-centered living becomes endangered as we come to share God’s self-giving heart.  This type of worship exposes our complacency toward a world of suffering and injustice.  In Jesus Christ, we are called into a new kind of living.  When we surrender in worship, God applies the necessary cure to our mere humanity – our selfishness.  Surrender-worship sets us free from ourselves so we can experience God and His purposes in the world.


Oh, I almost forgot…here are the words to the last verse:


Lord, hold my hand, and guide my way;

Come change my deepest, darkest night

To brightest day


…may your darkest night be turned to brightest day as you surrender in worship.



Pastor Mark